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IAAIS Annual Conference 2010, June 3-6, Dallas, Texas

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2009 Awards
On this page you can listen to thirty second excerpts of the winning programs at the 2010 conference in Dallas. You can also listen to or download the full-length programs.

2010 C. Stanley Potter Award:

The recipient of the 2010 C. Stanley Potter Lifetime Achievement Award is David Andrews, Chief Technology Officer of Minnesota State Services for the blind. Here's Dave's bio (very short version) from the conference booklet:

David Andrews has worked for Minnesota State Services for the Blind for the past 14 years, first as Director of the Communication Center and most recently as Director of the Adaptive and Assistive Technology Unit and Chief Technology Officer.  He has a Bachelors degree in Communications and a Masters degree in Broadcast Management. 

Here's Dave's resume', from his Linked In page:

  • Consultant at National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
  • Director, International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind at National Federation of the Blind
  • Director, Newsline for the Blind at New Mexico Commission for the Blind
  • Director at University of Kansas Audio-Reader Network
  • General Manager at Chicagoland Radio Information Service
  • Director, Audiovision at New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Program Producer at University of Kansas Audio-Reader Network
  • Research Assistant at Wheeling Area Training Center for the Handicapped

IAAIS Conference 2010   


Dallas, Texas                

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Wednesday  June 2
4:00 - 8:00 PM – Registration 
6:00 - 8:00 PM - Board Meeting and Dinner

Thursday , June 3
8:00 AM - Registration opens

9:30-11:30 AM - Early Bird Session
           New and Novice Panel discussion

6-3-10-1 (9;30a-11;30a) New and Novice Panel Discussion (1;58;20).mp3

Topics include Guidelines for Good Practice, getting the most out of the Program Share, and the benefits of IAAIS Membership  presenters: members of IAAIS Board

Lunch on your own

1:00 PM

Opening Session- Kim Walsh, President IAAIS

Welcome - Conference Hosts

Keynote Address: “Unstoppable” with David Noble 

6-3-10-2 (1p-2p) Opening Session w-Kim Walsh, Dave Noble (36;30).mp3

2:00 PM - IAAIS General Business Session -introduction of Board and Attendees

6-3-10-3 (2p-3;30p) IAAIS General Business Session (1;22;30).mp3

Tour of Reading and Radio Resource and Dinner 
hosted by BASF 


Friday June 4
7:30 AM - Vendor Breakfast- Victory Electric, GetVocal, DICE Electronics, Metrosonix, AFB, WireReady, NBCI-CEPD (over-the-air Digital TV), Solutions Radio

8:45-10 AM - General Session

How To Remain Relevant
What do our listeners want?  Listener panel

moderated by Ruth Phinney

Panelists: Phil Parr, Tim Cumings, Dale Campbell,  Mike Tamez, Sam Baker, Mark Marvel

6-4-10-1 (8;45a-10p) How to Remain Relevant (1;04;18).mp3


10:00 AM - BREAK  hosted by Solutions Radio

10:15AM-11:45 - Workshops:
1.    Alternative Delivery Methods 
This panel is aimed at managers, program managers and producers, operations staff, and others. Operations or engineering knowledge or experience will be helpful but not necessary.  Our panel of technical experts will talk about the already existing opportunities to deliver your reading service on non-broadcast means.  Moderated by David Noble
Serotek (webstreaming/podcasts)
Solutions Radio (web radio) 
GetVocal (telephone)
Telephone Reader (telephone)
PAIS Project


6-4-10-2 (10;15a-11;45a) Alternative Delivery Methods (59;50).mp3

2.    Creating Programming using local talent

Presenters: Phil Parr, Dale Campbell, Tim Cumings, Mike Tamez. Adell Campbell, Mark Marvel
The hosts of “Blind Like Me”, “The Blind Handyman”. “The Sports Section”, “Eyes oof North Texas” and “Cooking in the Dark”  offer their tips for creating informative and entertaining programming

Moderated by Steve Cumming

6-4-10-3 (10;15a-11;45a) Creating Programming Using Local Talent (1;16;23).mp3

3.    Renovating your studio on the cheap with Steve Comer of Broadcast Works

6-4-10-4 (10;30a-11;45a) How to Renovate Your Studio on the Cheap (1;05;55).mp3


Noon - LUNCH
Guest Speaker, Gary Mack curator of "The
Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza"

6-4-10-5 Luncheon; Gary Mack on JFK (38;13).mp3

1:30-3 PM -  Workshops:

1.    Digital Broadcast Methods
This panel is aimed at managers, program managers and producers,
operations staff, outreach and marketing staff, and others without
engineering training.  This discussion will examine the current digital broadcast platforms available to IAAIS members for delivering content to consumers NBCI-CEPD, LLC, FMeXtra and iBiquity, possibly NDS for HD Conditional Access system. Hal Kneller of Nautel is moderator 

6-4-10-8 (1;30p-3p) Digital Broadcast Methods (1;17;31).mp3

2.    Volunteer Empowerment: How to use volunteers for tasks other than reading with Linda Ornt, Executive Director Triangle Radio Reading Service and Richard Dunnigan, Board President, Triangle RRS

6-5-10-7 (1;30p-2;45p) Volunteer Empowerment (1;16;18).mp3

3.    Successful Grant Strategies 

An interactive presentation on preparing grant proposals, including a description of the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP), a source of Federal funds for radio reading services.  The presentation will include examples of successful PTFP application strategies, as well as pitfalls for grant proposal writers.   There will be an opportunity for the audience to contribute examples from their experience and to ask questions.   Presenter:  Lynn Chadwick

6-4-10-6 (1;30p-3p) Successful Grant Strategies (1;18;25).mp3



3:00 PM - BREAK sponsored by Nautel Ltd.

3:15 - 4:30 PM - Workshops:
1.    Technology Panel: Conditional Access, HD-4 and progress toward a low bit-rate codec
This panel is aimed at managers, program managers and producers, operations staff, and others. Operations or engineering knowledge or experience will be helpful.  Our panel of technical experts will talk about the coming opportunities to deliver your reading service on HD Radio with Conditional Access, and discuss a new, low bit-rate codec that may allow more programs in the HD stream than before. Moderated by David Noble
iBiquity Digital, Girish Warrier

NPR, John Kean

Nautel, Hal Kneller

6-4-10-11 (3;15p-4;30p) Technology Panel; Conditional Access (1;24;41).mp3


2.          Outreach to Listeners
This workshop will focus on ways audio information services currently reach their listeners with plenty of time for discussion on how to implement these methods in your community.  Peg Sampson, Outreach Coordinator KS Audio-Reader Network; Jennifer Nigro, Coordinator of Volunteers KS Audio-Reader Network

6-4-10-7 (1;30p-3p) Outreach to Listeners (1;22;59).mp3

3.  Social Media: You have a facebook page, now what?

Presenter: Jeff Corkran, Innerecho

6-4-10-10 (3;15p-4;30p) Social Media, Now That You Have a Facebook Page, What Now (1;05;00).mp3

DINNER on your own

Optional Activities:

Tour of 6th Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza available for $10.50, guided tour

Dinner and extended Happy Hour at Campizi's:

 Campizi’s is an old, family owned pizza place – everyone in Dallas has stories about the place and the pizza.  They are w/in walking distance from the hotel.  They have a happy hour on Friday night.  If we can guarantee 30 people, they will extend the Happy Hour until 7:30 and pizza will be free when you buy a drink. 

Saturday June 5

9:00 - 10:15AM - General Session
Marketing our Message of Revelance
Edward C. Benyon, Principal, Institutional Advancement Consulting

6-5-10-1 (9a-10;15a) Marketing Our Message of Relevance (Ed Benyon) (1;08;01).mp3


10:15 AM - BREAK

10:30 AM -11:45  Workshops


1.    Making Your Special Events Truly Special hosted by Brian Teichman, Houston Taping For The Blind, Inc. and Ed Benyon, Principal, Institutional Advancement Consulting

6-5-10-2 (10;30a-11;45a) Making Your Special Events Truly Special (Ed Benyon & Brian Teichman) (1;04;24).mp3

2.    Recruit, Retain, Recognize Kim Smith Training Manager with  the Volunteer Center of North Texas will answer the questions Recruiting Who? Retaining What? Recognizing How?

6-5-10-3 (10;30a-11;45a) Recruit, Retain, Recognize (JOINED IN PROGRESS)(1;01;01).mp3

3.   Information Access: Where It Is Going and How It Might Get There
This session will explore trends in a variety of fields including
assistive technology, information technology, electronic publishing
including DAISY and ePub, smartphones, rehabilitation of the blind,
universal design the World Wide Web, and more --- and their impact on radio reading and other information service access     with David Andrews , MN State Services for the Blind

6-5-10-4 (10;30a-11;45a) Info Access; Where It's Going & How It Might Get There (1;11;27).mp3

Noon - 1:30 PM – LUNCH Partner with the Arts

Raphael Parry, Executive and Artistic Director of Shakespeare Dallas and Director of Texas Bound - Arts and Letters Live, a literary series presented at the Dallas Museum of Art.

6-5-10-5 Luncheon; Partner With the Arts (Raphael Parry) (19;09).mp3




1:30 – 2:45 PM  - Workshops: 
1.    Rate the Reader: Conducting a Volunteer Peer Review Training
Do you ever take a look at your huge group of volunteers and wonder how you're supposed to give meaningful feedback to everyone of them with your ever shrinking staff?  Have you ever had a volunteer quit because she never found out if she was doing her show right or lose another because he thought the only time you ever told him anything about his show was to correct him? Come learn how to conduct a simple volunteer training where you'll empower your volunteers to do the listening for you!  Learn how to set up the training, get useful handouts and walk away with everything you need to conduct a Peer Review Training at your station.  Conducted by Marjorie Williams, Minds Eye, Belleville, IL

6-4-10-9 (3;15p-4;30p) Rate the Reader; Peer Review Training (1;11;10).mp3

2.    IAAIS Program Share with Art Hadley

Are you using the Program Share?  Do you have ideas about how it could be made better?  Do you need a walk-through before you start using it?

6-5-10-8 (1;30p-2;45p) IAAIS Program Share (PROGRAM INTERRUPTED) (39;40).mp3

3.  Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal

 This session will introduce participants to the principles of audio description, how to produce quality description, and the importance of close communication with the “end users”—people who are blind or have low vision.  Presenter:  Joel Snyder, President Audio Description Associates LLC

6-5-10-6 (1;30p-2;45p) Audio Description; The Visual Made Verbal (1;10;57).mp3


   2:45 PM BREAK

3:00 - 4:15PM - Closing Business Session

6-5-10-9 (3p-4;15p) Closing Business Session (54;02).mp3

6:00 - 7:00PM - Presidents Reception

7:00 - Midnight - Dinner, Awards Banquet

Sunday June 6

8:00 - 10:00AM - Board Meeting