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Welcome to St. Louis

On behalf of Minds Eye’s board, volunteers, listeners and staff, we’re so glad that you’re here to join us! 


I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who helped create this event- the  Conference Committee, the staff and volunteers of Minds Eye, the IAAIS Board of Directors, our sponsors, speakers and the IAAIS Administrative Assistant, Lori Kesinger.  Without the tireless effort of many people, we would not be here today to celebrate our future together. 


So here we are in the center of the country, with everything in our reach.  Our dreams, the technology and the knowledge to make it happen and the funding and resources to make it happen.  While you will certainly learn a lot while you’re here, the most important part of the conference will happen on Monday, May 16 (or Tuesday, May 17 for the slackers in the room) when you go back to your station refreshed, revitalized and ready to tackle the problems that have been plaguing your station.  Even more important things will happen months from now when you pick up the phone to call a colleague you met here to ask for advice or a hand at producing a segment.  I hope that you take back more knowledge than you ever expected to gain.


Enjoy your time in St. Louis, be sure to take in some of the culture, food and our beautiful national monument while you’re here and remember, it’s all within your reach! 


Thank you for coming,

Marjorie Williams

Executive Director, Minds Eye Information Service


IAAIS Conference Schedule

Wednesday, May 11


Breckenridge Foyer                       3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Board Dinner

City View A                                       5:15 p.m.

Board Meeting

City View A                                       6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Hospitality Suite

Governor’s Suite                            9:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m.

Thursday, May 12


Breckenridge Foyer                       8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Vendor Room

Breckenridge Salon B                    10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.


Introduction to the IAAIS    

Breckenridge Salon B                    10:00 a.m.   Presented by Stuart Holland

             and Jay Doudna

Whether you’re new to audio information or new to the conference, join seasoned veterans of the industry for an informational session detailing good practice in programming, broadcast, volunteers and more. 


I Forgot…  A Review of Technology and Techniques for Veterans

Breakout Room 2               10:00 a.m.   Presented by David Noble and Art Hadley

If you can’t remember the difference between PAIS and PTFP or NPR from NRSC, if codecs and bit rates and digital SAP kind of makes you sick, come to this session to sort out the Alphabet Soup of it all so you’ll be ready to take in all that the rest of the conference will have to offer. 

Welcome and Opening Session

Breckenridge Salon B                    1:00 p.m.      Welcome by Marjorie Williams

and Kim Walsh

Keynote Address

Breckenridge Salon B                    1:15 p.m.


IAAIS Business Meeting

Breckenridge Salon B                    2:30 p.m.      President Kim Walsh



St. Louis Style Picnic

Minds Eye Information Service  5:30 p.m.

Taste all the best that St. Louis has to offer:  Pappy’s BBQ, Toasted Ravioli, St. Louis Style Italian Salad, Gooey Butter Cookies, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, Ski Soda, and Missouri and Illinois made wines and beers.  While you’re here, tour Minds Eye’s facilities and walk through the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Minds Eye’s picturesque home.  While you’re here, give Beepball, or softball for the blind a try!

Please meet in the lobby of the hotel by 5:00 p.m. and board our trolley or minibus to get to Minds Eye.  Please see the registration volunteers if driving separately to the picnic. 


Hospitality Suite

Governor’s Suite                            8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Vendor Breakfast

Breckenridge Salon B                    7:30 a.m.     

Join the IAAIS Vendors for a delicious buffet breakfast.

·                    Freshly baked white, wheat and rye breads.

·                    Assortment of fruit and cheese Danish, muffins, cinnamon buns and fruit tarts

·                    Seasonal melons, pineapple and wild berries

·                    “Create your own” parfait with vanilla and fruit infused yogurts, selection of wild berries, granola, toasted flax seeds and whipped cream

·                    Oatmeal with brown sugar and apple-raisin compote

·                    Farm fresh scrambled eggs

·                    Apple-wood smoked bacon

·                    Skillet-seared sausage links

·                    Sheraton’s largest buttermilk pancakes layered with seasonal wild berries, granola and maple syrup to be shared

Come for the food and learn a little too!


Vendor Room

Breckenridge Salon B                    8:45 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.


The Future of Newspaper Publishing

Breckenridge Salon B                    8:45 a.m.      Presented by Jay Tebbe, Bob Duffy

and Jeff Leidel

As an audio information professional, you hear the warnings everyday about the death of print journalism.  Join news professionals from some of St. Louis’s strongest publications to hear how they’re adapting and becoming stronger.




Volunteers , Fundraising, and Programs for Engineers and Other Tech People

Breckenridge Salon C                    10:15 a.m.   Presented by Andrea Pasquale

For those who’d rather be fixing a computer than chatting about the weather…  Learn how to get what you need from volunteers, why your staff fundraiser keeps bugging you about needs, and how to use your skills to make your station’s programming great.

Techie Stuff for Non-Techie People

Breckenridge Salon A                    10:15 a.m.   Presented by Hal Kneller and David Noble

Come hear about all of your technical options for your station… in English!  Ditch your engineer and come to get all the information you need about HD Radio, Digital SAP, FM Extra, Web Radio


Breckenridge Salon B                    12:00 p.m.  

·                    Artisan bread and rolls served with creamy butter

·                    Baby spinach salad with strawberries, black pepper goat cheese, red onion and spiced pecans with balsamic vinaigrette

·                    Grilled chicken florentine, mushrooms, spinach and Boursin cheese sauce with buttery Yukon gold mashed potatoes

·                    Chef's Seasonal Vegetable

·                    Angel food cake with fresh berries and mint cream

How Collaboration and Ingenuity Helped Iowa Form an All State Service

Breckenridge Salon B                    12:30 p.m.   Presented by Maryfrances Evans

and Neil Blank

Learn how Iowa used every step stool and ladder they could find to grasp “All That’s In Their Reach.”  Hear what it took to go from covering a city to covering a whole state! 

Making Social Networking Work for Your Reading Service

Breckenridge Salon A                    1:30 p.m.      Presented by Heidi Capriotti,

Marjorie Williams, & Jen Nigro 

Has anyone ever told you that you needed a Facebook page?  Or do you have one but no one “likes” you?  Learn what to post, why to post and what it means when you post.

Audio Description

Breckenridge Salon C                    1:30 p.m.      Presented by Joel Snyder

Discover the world of Audio Description and learn how your station can leverage opportunities to audio describe events to be a more vital part of your community. 

Break- Sponsored by Telephone-Reader

Breckenridge Foyer                       2:45 p.m

·                    Selection of Artisanal Cheeses

·                    Pears, apple, grapes,& water crackers

·                    Baked Sweet Potato Wedge

·                    On corn chips, choice of lemon artichoke dipping sauce,  onion mustard and low fat herb peppercorn ranch

·                    Season's Harvest Assortment of Whole Fruit

·                    Homemade Lemonade and Tropical Ice Tea

·                    Starbucks regular and decaffeinated coffee, collection of Tazo teas

·                    Bottled spring water

·                    Collection of Coca Cola soft drinks


Roundtables                                3:15 p.m.

Get a chance to discuss problems and solutions with others who know EXACTLY what you’re going through.      

Engineering and Tech                  Breckenridge Salon C     Moderated by Art Hadley

Management                               Breakout Room 2           Moderated by Trish Speight

Fundraising and Marketing     Breckenridge Salon A        Moderated by BrendaBerg-Dwyer

Programming and Volunteers Breckenridge Salon B       Moderated by Andrea Pasquale

Free Night

Hospitality Suite

Governor’s Suite                            7:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m.



Wizard’s Council… Where are We Going Next?

Breckenridge Salon B                    8:45 a.m.                  Moderated by Lisa Bordner

Join the best minds of the IAAIS to plot the future of our industry.  Bring your programming ideas, your technical ideas or your wildest dreams.  With all of our knowledge, who knows what we might come up with!


Breckenridge Foyer                       10:00 a.m.

·                    Trio of donut holes dusted with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and honey glazed served with chocolate sauce

·                    Beignets with powdered sugar and apple butter

·                    Fresh berry salad with mint and cream

·                    Starbucks regular and decaffeinated coffee, collection of Tazo teas

·                    Ice water

Conducting a Master Class at Your Reading Service

Breckenridge Salon A                    10:15 a.m.               Presented by Stuart Holland

Have you ever wondered how to help your volunteers be even better than they already are?  Perhaps a Master Class is the answer.  In the performing arts, a Master Class is a public coaching of skilled performers.  T he attendees are in two categories: some will be performing, and others will be watching the performance and ensuing critique.  The Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network has been using this technique for a number of years to give volunteers continuing education in their craft – oral reading. The coach need only be someone who knows how to listen closely and point out gently aspects of a reading that can be improved.  Learn how to organize, structure, and conduct a Master Class.

Because You’re Worth It: Creating a Fundraising Program that Supports Your Mission

Breckenridge Salon A                    10:15 a.m.               Presented by Geri Moore

Your mission is important!  Whether you’re a one person shop or have a whole development department sometimes you just need a few more ideas before you can connect the dots to your next major donor.  Get the tools to raise the funds that you need to run the most successful station that you can.


Breckenridge Salon B                    12:00 p.m.

·                    Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad- Hearts of romaine with beef steak tomato wedge, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing

·                    Artisan bread and rolls served with creamy butter

FCC and Regulatory Update

Breckenridge Salon B                    12:30 p.m.               Presented by David Noble

and Lisa Bordner

Learn what the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act means for reading services and what steps are being taken in the FCC and Department of Justice to ensure that the act is followed.  What does it all mean for you?  Find out here.

Overcoming Volunteers Objections to Technology

Breckenridge Salon C                    1:30 p.m.                  Presented by Jen Nigro

and Paul Migliorelli

Have you ever put off buying a piece of equipment or software that will make a significant difference in your station’s quality because you’re worried that a handful of your volunteers may leave because of it?  Learn how to safely guide your volunteers through new waters.   Your station will never be the same after this session! 

How the Internet is Changing Access to Information

Breckenridge Salon A                    1:30 p.m.                  Presented by Michael Lauf

Discover how you can use iBlink Radio to reach existing and new listeners and save money by negating the need to purchase radios.  Learn how to use the internet and social networking to expand your coverage areas and make quality readings available so patrons can listen at times convenient for them.  Find all the doors you can open through the internet.

IAAIS Business Meeting

Breckenridge Salon B                    3:00 p.m.                  President Kim Walsh

President’s Reception

City View A                                       6:00 p.m.                  Cash Bar

Banquet and Awards Dinner

City View B                                       7:00 p.m.

·                    Artisan bread and rolls served with creamy butter

·                    Tuscan Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with radicchio slices, ripe olives, vine ripened tomatoes, artichoke hearts splashed with red wine vinaigrette

·                    Mesquite-Rubbed Ribeye Steak Crispy leeks and barbecue demi-glace

·                    Chef's Seasonal Vegetable

·                    Chef's Choice of Starch

·                    Chocolate decadent cake with white chocolate and caramel sauce


Hospitality Suite

Governor’s Suite                            9:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m.


Board Breakfast

City View A                           8:00 a.m.

·                    Sliced season's best fruit

·                    Assorted fruit flavored yogurts

·                    Assorted pastries and muffins, fresh sliced breads with sweet cream butter, honey, fruit preserves and peanut butter

·                    Bakery fresh bagels, English muffins and flaky croissants served with cream cheese

·                    Old fashion oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar and assorted nuts

·                    Selection of cereal and all natural granola


Board Meeting

City View A                           8:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.





Conference Presenter Bios

Brenda Berg-Dyck

Brenda has 18 years of marketing and fundraising experience working in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Kansas. Born and raised in Topeka, KS, she earned a B.A. in Communications from Washburn University in 93’ and later studied abroad at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, England. Her biggest fundraiser was when she worked as a Regional Development Officer for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and sold $100 tickets for a chance to win a brand new house in Baton Rouge. While working for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Florida, she managed major fundraising events including a gala honoring then-Governor Jeb Bush.  Brenda has served as Audio-Reader’s Development Director for 3 ½ years. Brenda resides in Topeka, KS and will celebrate her one-year anniversary this month to husband Randy Dyck. She has two step-children Morgan and Dylan.


Neil Blank

Neil Blank is the owner and senior member of NBCI ( and NBCI-CEPD (  As a Product Development Engineer, Neil has experience with design and manufacturing of biomedical products, telecommunications products and consumer electronic products.  Neil has supported a wide range of companies and products, developing relationships across the United States and Asia.

In the past few years Neil has been working with Reading Services to help them increase their broadcast coverage area with clear digital audio using the largest free digital network in North America.  His receiver is currently used by listeners in Colorado, New Jersey, Iowa and Texas.

Neil’s goal is to help Reading Services create a nationally recognized standard or guideline for reading service broadcast over the DTV digital stream.

Lisa Bordner

Lisa Bordner has been the manager of the Northeast Indiana Radio Reading Service (NEIRRS) since July 2004

NEIRRS has a small but mighty staff (2 FT and 4 PT) and 160 skilled and treasured volunteers to provide their 24/7 SCA Broadcast, Podcasts, and Webstreaming to 3500 listeners in the northeast Indiana area. 

Lisa has worked in the nonprofit industry as a volunteer manager and project manager since 1992, including seven years as a program coordinator for Fort Wayne’s federally funded Foster Grandparent Program. 

A background in Cultural Anthropology and business from Indiana University and Purdue developed organizational leadership, fund development, and marketing skills.  Experience working and volunteering developed skill in media buying, event planning, and volunteer management.

Lisa is a founding member and current board chair for a popular event held each year for past 12 years.  The Senior Information Fair attracts over 2000 visitors annually.  She served on United Way of Allen County’s Lifelong Independence Panel for six years. She was an executive board member of the Central Indiana Alzheimer’s Association Board for 3 years.  A current member of Council on Senior Services in Allen County.  Collaborated with local vision service organizations to create various public awareness events (InSIGHTful Expo, Vision Talk) 

Lisa is an IAAIS Board Member currently in her first year of a three-year term – serving on the Government Relations, Public Affairs, and Executive Committees.

She and her husband James have been married for 32 years.  Jim is the owner and composer at Gravity Music.  They have two sons who live on the west coast.

Heidi Capriotti

Heidi Capriotti, Marketing Coordinator for Sun Sounds of Arizona, incorporated social media into the organization’s marketing strategy two years ago.  Results that prove social media effectiveness include food donations (via Twitter), event ticket sales (Facebook), contest participation, and comments from listeners.  

Heidi, who joined Sun Sounds in May, 2008, managed a public relations campaign that won the 2010 IAAIS Public Awareness Award. She holds a B.S in Communications from Boston University, and spent 13 years producing and writing corporate employee training media for Fortune 1000 companies. She is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and currently volunteers in communications capacities for three non-profit organizations.  Contact her at

Robert W. Duffy

Robert W. Duffy is associate editor of the St. Louis Beacon, the St. Louis region’s not-for-profit online regional news publication.  The Beacon was founded by Duffy, Margaret Wolf Freivogel, Richard K. Weil and others in 2007 and was launched in 2008.  Since then, it has grown into a major source of serious news, reported by experienced journalists committed to presenting news that matters to a growing readership base. 

Duffy began his career in the news business in 1955 when he took a job delivering the Arkansas Gazette in his hometown, Little Rock. He joined the staff of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1973 and worked there, with one brief interruption, for 32 years.  He served as reporter, critic, columnist, editorial writer and features and news editor during his tenure at the paper, and spent time in every department of the newsroom except sports.  He was a juror for the Pulitzer Prizes for photography in 1978 and ’79. 

In addition to the Post-Dispatch, articles by him have appeared in national magazines such as Metropolis, U.S. News and World Report, Smithsonian and Modernism, and he has contributed essays or chapters to several books on architectural and urban-design subjects. 

He is a member of the faculties of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, and is a 1967 graduate of the University’s College of Arts and Sciences.  He serves on the board of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute (of which he is secretary) and the advisory board of the New City School and in the fall will join the board of the Artist Presentation Society.  He has two sons, both teachers.  He lives with his partner, Martin Kaplan, in the Central West End of St. Louis.

Jay Doudna

For most of his working life, Jay has worked in the Radio Reading Service field.

In 1973 he began working for The Lancaster County Association for the Blind, in Lancaster Pennsylvania where he helped to establish the first Radio Reading Service in the state.    In 1974, he moved to Philadelphia and helped to launch the Radio Information Center for the Blind.  Then, in 1977 he returned to Lancaster to once again work with the Reading Service until 1998 when he left the Reading Service field to take a job at the Overbrook School for the Blind as Assistant to the Director.

Jay served on the IAAIS Board in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, when it was known as the Board of the National Association of Radio Reading Services, (NARRS).  He is a proud 1998 recipient of the C. Stanley Potter Award.

Jay has always felt that his strength in working in the field has been in the areas of programming and volunteer recruitment.  He believes that with good reading talent, programming can be made easy to listen to.  He believes that with the right person behind the microphone, talk shows, call-ins, and interview programs can create interaction and involvement with the listener.  It can be radio that not only reads but entertains and informs. It takes dedication, an understanding of the blindness community, talented volunteers and many hours of work to run a successful service.  

In 2007 he moved to Oklahoma City Oklahoma and is now in the process of establishing “Oklahoma Talking information Service” OTIS, on the website of the Oklahoma Library for the Blind.  At this time, computers and distribution of some Solutions Internet Radios will constitute the listening audience.   Jay indicates that this is only the beginning, there are plans to approach local cable, a Television channel, and perhaps HD radio.

Maryfrances Evans

Maryfrances Evans currently serves as the Executive Director for the Iowa Radio Reading Service (IRIS).  A Des Moines native, she built her television broadcast career as a producer/director for CBS affiliate KCCI.  Maryfrances spent more than 26 years at KCCI, growing through the ranks from entry level assistant to newscast director to management.  In 2006, Evans realized her greatest dream through the adoptions of infant daughters Frances and Audrey. She left KCCI to focus on parenting - while keeping her hand in the creative community with freelance projects in video, marketing and web development.
Maryfrances rejoined the fulltime professional world at IRIS in 2010, finding a perfect fit in the technical, nonprofit and radio reading service communities.  Her daughters, now 5 and 6 years old, love pitching in to deliver radios, speak to groups and occasionally "help" Mommy read the newspapers on the air.Alright alright, I'll make up one right now. Art Hadley has spent over three decades in the the Audio Information field in Kansas, much of which overlapped with two decades in commercial broadcasting in Kansas City. Art is the voice of Daffy Duck and Batman

Art Hadley

Art Hadley has spent over three decades in the Audio Information field in Kansas, much of which overlapped with two decades of commercial broadcasting in Kansas City.  Art is the voice of Daffy Duck and Batman in Hallmark talking cards, and currently in E-Diets commercials on all your cable TV channels.  He has worked with reading services in Hawai'i, Utah and Colorado, and participated in IAAIS workshops in Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica.  Art is a co-recipient of the C. Stanley Potter Lifetime Achievement award, and maintains the IAAIS web site and the Program Share and is starting his second term on the IAAIS Board

Stuart Holland

Manager, Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network

Stuart has been an IAAIS Board member since 2001, editor of the IAAIS Report, member of the Executive Committee, chair of International Outreach, and 1st and 2nd vice-president. At conferences, Stuart has conducted workshops on many different aspects of radio reading services.
Stuart has been the manager of the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network since 2000, in previous positions as broadcaster and program/volunteer coordinator since 1986. He supervises 8 paid staff and over 500 unpaid staff (volunteers), in the main studios and in six local newspaper reading sites, and works with the agencies that provide resources for these sites. He provides continuing education in oral reading to the volunteers.
Stuart has extensive community volunteer experience in a variety of settings. His education is in theater, music, Liberal Arts, and administration. He has also published writings nationally in a wide variety of settings and is a working actor and musician.


Hal Kneller

Market Development Manager

Hal Kneller came to Nautel from iBiquity Digital Corp where he headed the International Broadcast Business Development efforts for HD Radio™ technology, following thirteen years at Harris Corporation working with public radio stations.  Currently Hal works with Nautel sales and marketing with the introduction of several new products and is a digital radio resource to both the company and to broadcasters contemplating digital transition.

Well-known in broadcasting, Hal has owned and operated radio stations since the mid-1980s and has also served numerous industry organizations such as NRSC and NAB technical committees and spent 6 years on the IAAIS board and is former technology committee chairman.

He is SBE Certified as Professional Broadcast Engineer and is a graduate of Emerson College, Boston, MA with a BS degree in Mass Communications.

Michael Lauf

Michael Lauf received an A.A.S. degree from Wabash Valley College in 1983. He served as Program director and Music Director for WRTB-FM in Vincennes Indiana from 1984 to 1993. Michael worked as a Trade Practice Specialist for the Better Business Bureau from 2001 to 2008. He started and ran two businesses: harmony entertainment, a DJ service from 1990 to 2001; and TeleTalk, a telephone-based news and information service in 1995 and 1996.

Michael now works as an independent contractor for Serotek corporation since November of 2008.


Michael Lauf cohosts the SeroTalk Podcast, covering the latest access technology news, online at and is the Content director for Serotek Corporation, creators of the System Access screen Reader, and System Access Mobile Network with thousands of online resources,;  DocuScan Plus affordable reading technology, and Accessible Event, making meetings and webinars accessible to the deaf, blind and deaf-blind,

Jeff Leidel

Jeff Leidel, 58, is the news editor of The Greenville Advocate newspaper in Illinois.
He is a native of Greenville, Illinois, located approximately 50 miles east of St. Louis on Interstate 70.  He is a 1974 graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a degree in mass communications and worked approximately five years at WILY-WRXX Radio in Centralia, Ill. as an announcer, program director and news director.  Jeff returned to Greenville in May of 1979 and has been with The Greenville Advocate for 32 years.  He began as a sports editor, entertainment
 editor, and general news reporter and has been the news editor of The Advocate since 2003.  Jeff is married with three adult children and six grandchildren.


Paul Migliorelli

Originally from New York, I worked for In Touch Networks from 1985-90.  From 1990-95, I worked in nontraditional interactive educational theater, producing and acting in customized educational productions marketed to school systems.  From 1996-2011, chief control room engineer,Radio Reading Service of the Rockies, (now Audio Information Network of Colorado), Boulder.  Currently, working as a research study subject, Cochlear americas, in the area of hearing strategy development for cochlear implant recipients.

Geri Moore

Geri Moore, CFRE, began her development career as a volunteer when her daughter’s Girl Scout troop wanted to join others to sponsor a day of healthy activities just for girls.

Over the next few decades, Geri held numerous development and marketing positions for non-profit organizations and health care groups.

Since 2007, she has served as major gifts advisor for the Midwest and Northwest for the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  Geri’s experience includes building small development offices, non-profit direction, multi-channel marketing, planned giving, annual giving, special events, and donor relations.  She holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership from Greenville College and her certification as a fundraising executive. Geri enjoys volunteering as a reader and special events volunteer for Minds Eye Information Service.

Jennifer Nigro

Coordinator of Volunteers, Audio-Reader

Jennifer has managed Audio-Reader’s volunteer program for seven years now.  With a background in TV news, she has guided readers through technology changes and used evaluations and workshops to help improve volunteers’ reading skills.  But her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to interact with so many different people all united toward the same goal.  Jen lives in Lawrence with her husband, two sons, and dog.

David W. Noble

Development Director, Sun Sounds of Arizona

Dave Noble has been at work in radio reading and information access for 26 years. He began in Pittsburgh providing listener services and outreach. In 1990 he took over the task of fundraising for the service and then in 1999, he became the General Manager.

His work for IAAIS has included mentoring in listener services, marketing, special events, and grantsmanship. He was one of the first instructors for IAAIS to the United States Technical Training Institute teaching other countries how to start their own reading service.

Dave served IAAIS as President, Treasurer, and he is the 2001 winner of the PRRO Award from Public Radio Regional Organizations for his government advocacy work on low power FM.  In 2002 Dave was honored to receive the C. Stanley Potter award for Lifetime Achievement.  Dave continues to serve IAAIS as the Chair of the Government Relations Committee and HD Taskforce.  Currently Dave is the Development Director for Sun Sounds of Arizona with responsibility for marketing, outreach, and fundraising.

Andrea Pasquale

Andrea Pasquale has been the Manager of Programming & Volunteers at Sun Sounds of Arizona since 2007.  Prior to her service with Sun Sounds she was the Executive Director of the Connecticut Radio Information System, Inc. from 2001-2007.  She began her service in Radio Reading as a volunteer in 1995.  She has served on the IAAIS Board of Directors since 2007.  She has over 25 years in commercial radio, which has helped her when it comes to working on program ideas for Sun Sounds.  As a previous radio reading volunteer she understands the volunteer aspect to the job.  She graduated the University of New Hampshire with a Communications degree and has been in radio ever since. She is the Recipient of the Raymond E. Baldwin Award presented by the CT Board of Education and Services for the Blind in 2005.

Joel Snyder

President, Audio Description Associates -

Director, Audio Description Project, American Council of the Blind, USA

One of the first audio describers, Joel Snyder began describing theater events and media in 1981.  Each year he develops audio described tours for major museums throughout the United States including the Smithsonian Institution, the Getty, the Albright-Knox, the National Aquarium, and several State museums and myriad National Park and Forest Service exhibit centers. 

In media, Snyder has produced description for nationally broadcast films and network series including “Sesame Street” broadcasts and DVDs.  In addition, his descriptions and voice are part of the soundtrack accessed by visually impaired audiences at cinema screenings of dozens of feature films.  

Internationally, he introduced description techniques in over 25 countries:  recently, he presented workshops in Sydney, Istanbul, Shanghai and for the World Blind Union in Geneva and trained describers in Brazil, Italy and in Spain at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona where he is a PhD candidate in audiovisual translation.

Trish Humes Speight

Trish is currently the Executive Director of the Recording Library of West Texas and has held that position since 2006.  Previous to being the Executive Director she worked as a volunteer reader from 2000-2005 then worked in development as a part time staff member for six months. She is a current member of the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) of the Permian Basin and has served as AFP Board member as Vice President of Public Relations and Programs. This May she is receiving a certification in Non Profit Executive Leadership from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.  She attended Baylor University and received a BA from the University of Houston in Political Science and Sociology.

 Jay Tebbe

Jay Tebbe has been the President and Publisher of the Belleville News-Democrat since 2004, and is just the sixth publisher of the paper since 1891.   The Belleville News-Democrat began in 1858, and is the seventh largest paper in the state of Illinois, the largest south of Springfield.  

While still in school, Jay started at the paper in 1976, as a part time truck driver, delivering bundles to the homes of youth carriers.   Prior to being named President and Publisher, he held several management positions at the paper including Vice President, Advertising Director, and Circulation Director.   Beyond Advertising and Circulation he has managed several other functions at the paper including post press, trucking, marketing and Belleville’s community weekly publications.

A lifelong Belleville area resident, Jay has been involved in several local organizations, and has held leadership positions with many community and non-for-profit groups.  He continues to serve on several local boards.     

Jay received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Empire State College, Rochester, New York in 1990.   He also earned an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology from Bailey Technical School.

Jay and his wife Diane have two adult children, and are expecting their first grandchild this summer. 

Marjorie Williams

Marjorie grew up in Girl Scouting and learned the importance of non-profits early.  She eventually earned the Gold Award and then attended Marquette University and earned a bachelors in Broadcast and Electronic Communication.  While her emphasis was in video production, she found a place where her heart (volunteering) and head (media) intersected at Minds Eye Information Service, St. Louis’s reading service.  After eight years of service, she is currently the Executive Director of Minds Eye.  She developed the station’s successful “Beepball Tournament” fundraiser and doubled the volunteer base. 

She is the treasurer of the IAAIS and the president of the Illinois Radio Information Services, Inc.  

Marjorie lives with her husband, Lee, who owns Boxador Bites an all natural dog treats business, and their Boxador, Lenny.  You can find her on Facebook when she’s not watching reality TV.


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Kim Walsh and the IAAIS Board of Directors


Art Hadley


Lori Kesinger