Service Provided Via:

IAAIS Formula


Individual radios tuned to a secondary FM signal (SCA)

1 person per address

Receiver needed. Often more than one person at an address uses a receiver.  See Group Homes

Individual radios in a common room at a Nursing Home or Group Home, Long-Term Care Facility, Low-vision Clinic, Senior Center or School

Poll facility twice yearly to define how many eligible # of individuals who live in or frequent each facility

It doesn’t matter whether an individual at a facility is actually listening.  The numbers should include how many can listen and are eligible on any given day.  This can be captured on an institutional application form or survey that requests specific information

Hospital signal provided to individual beds in via Hospital TV Rental or other method

# of Licensed Beds

This figure is usually less than the number of beds in the facility and is used by other organizations as a legitimate statistic

Retirement complexes that distribute service to each apartment or residence

#Number of Residential Units

Use their figures

Internet Sites with registration

# of registrants on the website


Internet Streams with open service

# of “hits” of internet users of the site.


Telephone Systems

# of registrants to the service


Cable SAP

1 person per address

Receiver needed

Open Cable



We recommend using percentages from Lighthouse International, Inc. applied to U.S. Census data for each broadcast area served

Home penetration, a common newspaper term, could be used to represent every cable subscriber household as stated by the company or municipality. 


Get “qualified” number of listeners by applying Census counts to actual subscriber total, then applying Lighthouse stats. See:

Open Radio/SAP

Use Census and Lighthouse stats

Apply stats to entire population in service area

Potential Listeners

Use Census stats, Lighthouse stats and any local stats available.

Many stations use figures for VI seniors as example   (As baby-boomers age, the potential for qualified listeners grows in tandem)