Awards: Mark DeWitt, Chair

Members: Joe Lamanna, Bill Pasco, Chuck Adkins, Art Hadley, Michael Todd

Communications: Jane Carlson and Jennifer Nigro, Co-Chairs

Includes marketing, rebranding, newsletter, webpage, program share, news releases

Members: Maryfrances Evans, Tom Williams, Jason Frazier, Art Hadley

Education:  Andrea Pasquale, Chair

Includes Guidelines for Good Practice, Membership, Mentoring, Conference

Members: Brad Walker, Lori Kesinger, Amy Hatter, Karen Carson, Trish Speight

Finance:  Amy Hatter, Chair

Fund Development: Marjorie Williams, Chair

Members: Amy Hatter, Trish Speight, Andrea Pasquale, Maryfrances Evans

Government Affairs: Maryfrances Evans, Chair

Members: Melanie Brunson, Marjorie Williams, Neely Oplinger

International Outreach: Stuart Holland, Chair

Members: membership of IAAIS

Nominations: Trish Speight, Chair

Members: Mike Duke, Andrea Pasquale

Outreach: Valerie Woodard, Chair

Members: Andrea Pasquale, Lori Kesinger,

Technology:  Chuck Adkins and Jim Martinez, Co-Chairs

Members: Michael Todd, Mark DeWitt