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This section has been designed to assist IAAIS Members in their work. If you have additional material you feel should be included, please contact Stuart Holland.

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Every year, IAAIS member reading and information services submit samples of their best programming. The Awards Committee puts together a group of judges, who spend many hours listening to the programs.

At the IAAIS Annual Conference, awards are presented for the best programs in many categories.

If your service has spent years producing a wide variety of programming, using a stellar cast of producers and volunteer readers, it's time you were recognized by your peers. Here's more information, if you'd like to begin submitting sample programs for consideration.

Mark Dewitt, Awards Committee Chair

Visit the Awards Page

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Lori Kesinger, Chair

Announcing the IAAIS 2014 Annual Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Conference Page

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Government Relations

Maryfrances Evans, Chair

PTFP Funding letter, read and/or download
PTFP Funding Matching Grants
HD Radio Power Increase
FCC info on subcarrier use
IAAIS Comments on NRSC-5, the new Digital Radio standard (Word .doc file)
2001 FCC Comments on iBiquity's IBOC Digital Radio
Copyright Law (Word .doc file)
Free Matter for the Blind/USPS Information (Acrobat PDF)

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Membership Growth and Mentoring

Jay Doudna, Chair

Member Benefits
Member Listserv Connection Requests
Mentoring Program Guidelines
IAAIS Application
IAAIS Invoice

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Jennifer Nigro

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IAAIS Program Share Site

Link to Program Share Site

The IAAIS Program Share allows any member service to share their best programming with other reading services, and provides a one-stop shop for hundreds of hours of programming. Most programs are newspaper or magazine readings which are updated weekly, some monthly. There is also a category of undated programming you can use for holidays and special occasions. There is no charge for the service.

Art Hadley, Site Administrator/User ID and Passwords, art@ku.edu

David Gerstmann, General Automation Interfacing, davidg@wireready.com

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Public Affairs

Kim Walsh, Chair

IAAIS Brochure (Audio Version)
IAAIS Brochure (Acrobat PDF)
Download IAAIS Logos and Graphics
IAAIS Print Ads
IAAIS Web Site Policy

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