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The Narrator

In October 2008, the IAAIS HD Radio Taskforce released the STAR Project report, a definition of Standards for Accessible Radios. The purpose was to create the definitive description of how an HD FM radio should be designed to allow easy, convenient and independent usage by consumers with vision problems.

Some in the industry took notice. Best Buy, long known for the blue and yellow stores, but maybe not so well known as a product manufacturer, took the STAR guidelines as a framework, and designed a low-priced, high-quality table radio that meets all our standards. "The Narrator" talking HD radio, created to be easier to use by everybody, was unveiled at the biggest CES ever in Las Vegas (by Best Buy and IAAIS representatives), and to reading services at the IAAIS annual conference in May, in Houston.

The original Narrator radio is no longer available, but watch for the new, updated version soon!

The Narrator in the news...

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