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The HD Radio Power Increase

From: Kim Walsh
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010
Subject: FCC Approves HD Radio™ Broadcasting Power Increase

Heads Up:

The FCC has approved the lower, safer HD power increase compromise we hoped for based largely on a proposal from the work group of NPR Labs' CPB study. David Noble and I represented IAAIS. We endorsed the study and urged the FCC hold off its decision until testing was complete. There was tremendous pressure to act sooner on a blanket 10% increase from the NAB, Joint Parties and other commercial interests.

John has worked up a membership piece on impacts with input from Dave and Hal Kneller that we will share, ASAP.



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From: Kitsa Lee, Ibiquity.com
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010
Subject: FCC Approves HD Radio™ Broadcasting Power Increase

We’re proud to announce that the FCC has approved the power increase for HD Radio™ broadcasting! The change permits stations to increase power by up to 6DB, which is a four-fold increase from where we are currently. Said in percentages, this allows for you to broadcast with up to 4% of the power of your existing analog signal (up from 1%), with the potential of up to 10% with further application to the FCC. This is great news for HD Radio and the radio industry in general.

A note from our CEO, Bob Struble… “We are pleased with the FCC’s action today to allow FM HD Radio stations to increase their power. The FCC Order is another significant milestone in the rollout of HD Radio Technology. The Commission has worked closely with the radio broadcast industry on this item, and chose a prudent course for the power increase which met the needs and addressed the concerns of the key constituents. This is another fine example of successful collaboration between the government and the private sector, and it promises to further enhance the benefits of HD Radio Technology to all Americans.”

Thanks for all of your support!

HD Radio Broadcast Team at iBiquity Digital
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