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Downloading Files From the Program Share

Direct Link to Each File

Generally, you'll be given a link to the program from a web page or an email. Right click the link and select the option to SAVE the file. When the directory box pops up, you can retype the name to make it conform to your naming system.

Using A Screen Reader

With no mouse to right-click, here's how to select a link and save the file:

Jaws and MSIE

Arrow to the mp3 link. Press the multiply key on the number keypad and press A. The "save target as" dialogue will appear.

Jaws and Firefox

Arrow to the mp3 link. Press the multiply key on the number keypad. Press K for save link as.

Window-Eyes and MSIE

Arrow to the mp3 link. Press the context menu key next to the righthand control key. Press a for save target as.

Window-Eyes and Firefox

Same as step 3, however, press K instead of A.

The shift-f10 command also generally works in all instances as it is a Windows command, not a screen reader specific command.

Link to or View the Folder

If you are sent to an IAAIS share folder, where you are presented with a list of the contents of the folder, you can just scroll down the list and right click to save each file, same as when the links are external. If you've got a link to a program and you'd like to see all the contents of the folder (or the index.html page, if present) you can paste the link address into your browser and delete the file name.

The address you'll have left will then be something like http://iaais.org/programshare/sunsounds/, which will show you the folder.


Your download password will give you access to any of the Program Share folders. Whenever you try to gain access to a folder, you'll be asked to log in. Use your user/folder name (do NOT add @iaais.org; that's only for FTP uploading) and your download password (may be the same as your upload password). If you go back to the same folder in the same session, it probably will not require you to log in again.

Converting MP3 back to WAV for Broadcast

Files are stored and distributed as MP3s. Very few automation systems can play them directly, so you'll probably need to expand the MP3 file back to the full .WAV file. Any program that can open an MP3 and re-save as a .WAV file will work.

The sample rate may not be the same as your other files, but there is no need to convert to your preferred sample rate. The conversion itself may deteriorate the quality of the file, and certainly can not make the sound better.

(The only exception comes if you run a multi-channel sound card in your automation, such as a Layla, and you sometimes record and play back on different channels simultaneously with the same card. In that case, all sample rates must be the same, since playback will occur at the sample rate dictated by the record command. In other words, if you're recording 44.1k on channel one while trying to play a 22k file on channel two, the 22k file will play back at double speed, at the 44.1 sampling rate. If you do not play and record on the same card simultaneously, then varying sample rates won't cause you any problems.)

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