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Undated Programs, General Topics

Programs in this file are undated and won't be frequently replaced or updated. You might want to have a few hours of these on hand for when your eight o'clock show turns out to be garbled, or the book turns out to be one reading shorter than you scheduled. The page is set up as a template, and will be filled with programming soon.

One Hour Programs

The American Past -Kansas Audio Reader -
Produced and narrated by KU History Professor Emeritus Calder Pickett, using music, radio programs, movie scenes and other sounds of the times. We're just starting building up a library of a show for each year of the twentieth century, but there are a few other shows in this folder that may be useful for occasional fill programming.

(approx fifty-eight minutes) - updated occasionally. This link will take you to the folder where you can select programs.

Half Hour Programs

Name of Show - RRS -
Program Description.

(approx twenty-eight minutes) - updated every Saturday by 12 noon eastern.

July 28, 2009