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Holiday and Special Occasion Programs

Updated Monday November 21 by Art

Programs on this page are focused on holidays or special occasions.

Halloween, Christmas and More, from Roanoke VA

Greetings friends,

I wanted to let you know that Ben Martin and I are still here and in the last few years we've managed to produce a number of holiday programs with sound effects and music for Halloween and Christmas which I have just prepared so that they may be enjoyed by all.

They're mostly Halloween related, though I hope to make more Christmas programs available in the future. There are 11 programs total ranging in time from 4 hours to 15 minutes in length. I think they should all be working; if something is wrong with one of the files, let us know and we'll try to fix it.

kindest regards,

Joshua Day


Angels and Other Strangers

by Katherine Patterson, voiced by Denise Bennett, storyteller. This isn't a reading, but storytelling. 26 minutes, from Virginia Voice.

Christmas Bonanza from Kansas

- Wizard of Oz The Kansas Centennial Edition, five 56-58 minute readings;
- Miracle on 34th Street, three 56-58 minute readings;
- A Christmas Carol two 56-58 minute readings;
- The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon two readings (58:03 and 59:38) and
- Christmas on Jane Street: A True Story by Billy Romp four 56-58 minute readings.

Go to http://iaais.org/programshare/kansas and look in the Christmas and Wizardofoz folders.

Shop the Colorado folder

The Audio Information Network of Colorado has a collection of shows for holidays, and they're gathered here in the Colorado folder. Remember, 13-14 megs shows are an hour, 6.5-7 meg shows are half hour. Click to browse:

58 minute Thanksgiving theme old radio shows

oldradiothnks1 | oldradiothnks2

#1 is Thanksgiving Themed broadcasts of The Aldridge Family and Amos and Andy. #2 is Thanksgiving episodes of Dr. Christian and Life of Riley. All introduced with a small bit of trivia by (volunteer and old radio collector) Don Frey. Thanksgiving has already come and gone, but these are old radio shows, so they'll certainly never be "dated." Download now and you'll have 'em ready for that emergency fill hour next Thanksgiving.

The rest of this page is a template awaiting programming. If you have holiday programming you'd like to share, get it uploaded to your folder as soon as possible and we'll list it here.

One Hour Programs

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