I A A I S Program Share

P.S.A. Depot

Click here to go to the CDC,Centers For Disease Control web site, with over 100 PSAs

Click here to go to the IAAIS PSA Depot folder, http://iaais.org/programshare/psa

This page displays a collection of PSAs which have been selected by their relevance to a national audience of blind and print-impaired listeners. The PSA Depot requires an Audio-Reader program share account; use your standard login and download password.

If you have any PSAs laying around that you think other IAAIS services could use, upload to your own Program Share folder, and then send an email to Art, art@ku.edu

I'll grab the spot from your folder and put it in here. Please give your PSA audio file a descriptive name so others can get a good idea whether they'd like to download it.