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Uploading Programs to Share

To upload a program for sharing:

  • Add the IAAIS Program Share intro. Media Joiner can add the intro AND make your MP3 file.

  • Compress it to an MP3.

    • IAAIS recommended format is a 16bit wave file recorded at 32k sampling, compressed down to an MP3 at a 48k bit rate. Various reading services use various sample rates, and there is no benefit to converting the sample rate, as long as it's between 16k and 32k. Using full CD response of 44.1k is overkill, and using a sample rate less than 16k reduces the frequency response too much. That leaves 16k, 22k and 32k.

    • With the MP3 bit rate, anything under 32k is likely to sound lousy, and anything over 48k is wasted space. (Bit rate x time = file size.)


    • Audio sampling rate 16k, 22k or 32k,

    • MP3 bit rate 32k to 48k.

  • Name your program with all lower case letters, no spaces.

  • Use your FTP software to upload the program (FileZilla is recommended, if you don't already have one you like.) To set up your FTP software, use this information:

    • HOST: iaais.org


    • LOGONTYPE: Normal

    • USER: yourfoldername@iaais.org (remember to add the @iaais.org part)

    • PASSWORD: enter your Upload password

  • While your files are uploading, if they're new,send a note to David Binkley at radiodave1@yahoo.com or Margie Zebell at marge.zebell@riomail.maricopa.edu, and tell them what you uploaded. They'll add your files to the Program Share home page. (Most files will be weekly replacements of previous files, with the same name. David or Margie need to be notified only when it's a new listing, not a replacement program.)

Using Internet Explorer to Upload Files? Try FileZilla

There has been much discussion about why you can't upload with MS IE. There appear to be several answers, including that the newer versions of IE do not have some of the features of the old version. Our trials show it is possible to upload to the site, but apparently not to any of the folders on the site.

If you've been using IE to upload, please consider using FileZilla. It's very easy to use and friendly to screen readers.

  • Once you've linked to the IAAIS server (or other remote computer), you'll simply have a screen with two directories. The one on the left is your computer. The one on the right is your folder on the IAAIS server.

  • To move a file from one computer to the other, you can click and drag with the mouse, double click the file, or simply select one or more files and hit ENTER.

  • It's easy to add a new folder inside your IAAIS folder, click into it to add files, then click the up arrow to get out of that folder.

  • To delete a file or folder, select it and hit the DELETE key.

FileZilla is free, and offers useful information that will help you maintain your site. For instance, directory listings will show file size. This is useful to make sure files have arrived in whole and undamaged. Seeing the date and time a file is created or uploaded can help you make sure your programs are up to date.

If you're doing FTP transfers, do it with real FTP software. It's probably a lot easier than you think.

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May 6, 2009