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Utilities and Helpful Programs to Download

If you'd like a page that lists your programs with clickable links, here's a template page you can download and save. Click to see, or right click to save a copy: programlist.html

If you'd like a free and simple to use HTML editor to make your own web pages, use the one that built this site; right click to download Arachnophilia.

You'll need an FTP program to upload your files to your folder. Click to visit the FileZilla web site; it's free and works great.

If you aren't sure about your program levels, run them through the Levelator and they'll come out just about perfect (click to visit the web site).

Uploading programs? You'll want to put the tag at the beginning, saying "This program is provided through the IAAIS Program Share." You can right click to download and use Tag One, or Tag Two, or record your own.

One easy way to add the tag to your program is to use this; right click to download the media joiner program.

If you have .wav or other files you need to convert to .mp3, here are two simple programs; right click to download either. Switch is more Jaws-friendly. DBPoweramp has been a popular program for many years.