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If you are attending the  USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum September 20-22 in Columbus Ohio be sure to stop by our booth.  http://members.lionsforum.org/event-2639877

If you would like representation from IAAIS at your event, send an email with the details to IAAISMember@gmail.com


Almost one and a half million Americans are legally blind, and of those, over 90% do not read Braille.

Over six million Americans over 65 have vision loss that prevents them from reading. There are nine million people in the 45 to 64 age range with vision loss. As these “baby boomers” age, the numbers with vision loss will likely dramatically exceed those of the present generation of seniors.

Information can help provide personal independence, and one way of providing printed information to those who cannot read is via Audio Information Services. Volunteer readers and computer speech can read daily newspapers, magazines and best-selling books to thousands of people through simple delivery methods including closed-circuit radio broadcasts, internet streaming and podcasts, dial-in telephone newspaper systems, personal recording and smart speakers (Amazon Echo and Google Home).

IAAIS is a worldwide organization of over a hundred independent Audio Information Services which provide printed material in audio form. In almost all cases, these services are provided free of charge.

IAAIS assists and encourages the formation of Audio Information Services, provides education and support to our member services and  offers support, information and referral for individuals struggling to access print information. If you or someone you know is unable to read normal printed material, there is probably an IAAIS member service ready to help.