2019 Public Affairs Awards

Excellence in Organizational Leadership was awarded to Marjorie Moore, former President and CEO of MindsEye for her 15 years of leadership where she diversified revenue and guided the organization through a state budget crisis. Her commitment to creative solutions and hard work allowed MindsEye to not only overcome these challenges but to flourish.

Excellence in Communications and Marketing was awarded to MindsEye for their ongoing communications initiative, Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative (ACAC). The ACAC unites people with disability, nonprofits serving those individuals, and artistic/cultural organizations to promote participation in the St. Louis region’s arts and culture.

Volunteer Excellence was awarded to Carl Graves, a 21-year volunteer with the Audio-Reader Network. In 2018, Carl dedicated over 520 hours to preparing, creating and reading programming, volunteering an average of 10 hours each week. In 2017 Carl won a program of the year award for his holiday program, Christmas in History and again in 2018 for New Year’s in History.

Excellence in Fundraising went to the annual Ultimate Beepball Tournament introduced by MindsEye in 2007. The 2018 event raised $25,000. In the Ultimate Beepball Tournament participating teams compete in games of beepball, or blindfolded baseball, a sport that brings together blind and sighted athletes and features a beeping ball and buzzing bases.