Conference 2021 – Virtual is now complete

IAAIS Logo Conference 2021 
picture of a cartoon Zoom screen with 9 participant boxes. 
Below the computer screen JUne 21-23

Another great conference is complete! Thank you to all the participants and presenters. If you didn’t register but want the recordings of the conference call 844-218-8430

special thanks to our sponsor Content Depot

  • Monday June 21
  • 1:00 PM WELCOME
  • 1:30 PM NEW Program Share with Lewis Callaway
  • 3:00 PM Programming Hour
    • Resources from Content Depot with Renee Southworth of Content Depot
    • Music and other free resources with Tom Williams, Program Director of MindsEye, Belleville, IL
    • Intentional Programming: a discussion on ways to diversify the material you offer to create more inclusive programs. Moderated by Maryfrances Evans, Executive Director of Iowa Reading and Information Service, Des Moines, IA
  • 4:30PM Social Hour with trivia
  • Tuesday June 22
  • 1:00 PM Welcome
  • 1:15 State of the State
    • Reading Services 101: history of our industry presented by Mike Duke, Director of the Radio Reading Service of Mississippi, Jackson, MS
    • IAAIS Member benefits: phone system, teleconferencing line, etc.
    • Funding and Events: a discussion moderated by Bekah Jerde, Assistant Director of Radio Talking Book, Inc. Omaha, NE
  • 2:15 Volunteer Hour
    • Digital Auditions  with Alison Beloin Dean, Coordinator of Volunteers,  Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, KS
    • Volunteer Recognition presented by Georgean Johnson-Coffey, Executive Director of Audio Reading Service, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • 3:15 Pandemic Hour
    • How Are You? your personal well-being, with Gina Byars, Station Manager, Sun Sounds of Arizona-Flagstaff
    • Tale of Two Cities: a conversation with member services – Niagara Frontier Reading Service (stayed open during the pandemic) and Audio Information Network of Colorado (using remote readers, even before the Pandemic shut down) presenters are Mike Benzin, Executive Director of Niagara Frontier Reading Service and Kim Ann Wardlow, Executive Director of AINC
  • 4:30 Social Hour with breakout rooms for further discussion of volunteers, programming, technical, and fundraising
  • Wednesday June 23
  • 1:00 PM Welcome
  • 1:15 Technical Hour
    • What the SCA? With Mike Starling of WHCP Radio, Cambridge, MD
    • Delivery Methods (Apps, skills, podcasts, streams, etc.) featuring a presentation by Mary Frandsen, Executive Director of Audio Journal discussing their new app. Discussion of other methods as time allows.
  • 2:15 Listeners
    • Counting listeners and surveys with Amy Hatter, Executive Director of Radio Eye, Inc. Lexington, KY
  • 3:15 Kibble and Bits Hour
    • IAAIS Board Business Meeting
    • What Keeps You Up at Night moderated by Andrea Pasquale of Sun Sounds of Arizona – Tempe. (anonymous questions or comments can be submitted to
  • 4:30 Social Hour featuring One Good Thing: sharing of positive news over the last year and/or the “good thing” you will take away from this conference