C. Stanley Potter Lifetime Achievement Award

Marjorie Moore, President of IAAIS (left) presents the C. Stanley Potter Award to Ruth Phinney

Ruth Phinney, Program Manager of WXXI Reachout Radio, was recognized for her commitment to audio information services and the people they serve with the C. Stanley Potter Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent International Association of Audio Information Services Conference.

Ruth began her career with audio information services in 1986 as the Executive Director of the Rochester Radio Reading service.  She was instrumental in creating the partnerships with WXXI Public Broadcasting and the local Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired allowing the radio reading service to become a fully incorporated service of WXXI.

She hosted two international conferences for the organization, in 1989 and 1999. She established the New York State Association of Radio Reading Services, authored “How to Start A Radio Reading Service: A Development Plan”, served as secretary of IAAIS, drafted the first version of Guidelines for Good Practice and board policies and procedures. She also led the board of directors in its first strategic planning session and coordinated the first national underwriting campaign.  She continues to advocate for audio information services within the public radio community and has been innovative in responding to changing technology an advocating for audio access in many venues.

The C. Stanley Potter Award is the highest award bestowed by IAAIS to honor outstanding contributions to the audio information industry by an individual, group or organization. This award is presented to those who have demonstrated a deep commitment to innovative initiatives that not only empower audio information services, but also advance the industry and ultimately benefit people who need access to information in audio format.


To find out more about IAAIS or the C. Stanley Potter Award, visit http://iaais.org or call 800-280-5325.




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