IAAIS Awards-deadline for entries 12 Noon on January 26, 2018

We are currently accepting entries for the IAAIS Program Awards and the IAAIS Public Affairs Awards.
Program Awards:
Contact Tom Williams, MindsEye, (twilliams@mindseyeradio.org) for a folder to upload the Program Awards programs and Entry sheets. We will be using Dropbox.
Naming of files:
Files must be named with category letter first followed by a dash then service.
D-Sight Into Sound

Letter for category and the station is all we need.
Programs must be sent in an mp3 format.
Each program must have its individual entry form attached.
Deadline is January 26th at 12 Noon. Contact Mark DeWitt, Cincinnati Association for the Blind with questions. (mark.dewitt@cincyblind.org)

Public Affairs Awards:
Purpose: The Public Affairs awards are designed to honor excellence in member organizations. They are intended to raise awareness of excellence at work in all areas of our sector and honor staff and volunteers who excel in our field.
Categories are: Excellence in Organizational Leadership; Excellence in Communications and Marketing; Volunteer Excellence; Fundraising Excellence.
if you have questions contact Trish Speight, Recording Library of West Texas (trish@recordinglibrary.org). Complete applications should be emailed to Lori Kesinger LRK@ku.edu by January 26th.

Entry forms are available on the IAAIS members facebook page and through this link

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