IAAIS Board Update

Your board of directors gathered October 21 in Tempe, AZ, to further the business of the IAAIS. Here are a few highlights from our discussion:

17 member services took part in the membership survey that was distributed via email and the Facebook group after conference. We got some interesting and helpful data out of it—but we need more!  The survey has been sent out again, and we’re asking member services that didn’t respond before to go ahead and do so now. Then, we can start analyzing the data and ask any follow-up questions.  We appreciate your help in learning more about how our member services operate so we can serve you better!

From there, we had a bit of a State of the Membership update. The board has been in contact regularly with member services that have reached out with challenges, and we’ve been helping with ideas and encouragement for overcoming those issues. This is an IAAIS member benefit, so if you’re looking for some mentoring or problem-solving help, please reach out to a board member.

We learned from Jim Martinez that Digital Television may have some impact on member services. His service, Sight into Sound Houston, had to change DTV frequencies recently, and discovered in the process that they were being asked to move to a frequency that doesn’t work with their radios. They were able to reach an agreement for now, but new DTV tuners will come out in 2019, so the issue may rise again. IAAIS will be keeping an eye on these changes as they develop, and sharing information as we can.

Be sure to watch your inboxes next month as we send out a call for nominations for the board. We have openings for Treasurer, Secretary and one member director. We are also seeking public directors—if you have a professional contact that you think would be a good addition, please contact Jen Nigro at jnigro@ku.edu or 785-864-4604.  In addition, you’ll soon receive your membership renewal notice, and a call for awards nominations. Don’t miss out!  We also invite everyone to continue calling in on our monthly membership phone calls. We just launched an 800 number for these to help ease the burden on member services. We’ll also be mixing up the times in order to appeal to more people.

The board pinpointed several places to exhibit this year, including the M-Enabling Summit, the Veterans Tee Tournament, the ACB convention, and possibly the USA Canada Forum. If you know of events with a national reach that would be a good fit for IAAIS, please contact Lori Kesinger at lrk@ku.edu or 785-864-4625.

We’re very excited about next year’s conference, May 3-5 in Boulder, CO.  We’re shaking things up a bit, and brining in Beth Kanter, a nationally-renowned speaker. In order to help pay her fee, we’ll be opening the first day of our conference up to the Boulder community.  Look for workshops relevant to fundraising, self-care and other topics relevant not only to us, but to non-profits as a whole.  Look for more details about this and the rest of the conference in the coming months.

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