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Each year at the IAAIS Annual Conference, Program Awards for quality audio production are presented. The IAAIS Program Awards are intended to promote quality programming among audio information services as well as provide examples of the types of programming available across the country.  The winners,  presented in June in Boulder, Colorado are:

Newspapers: Radio Reading Service of Greater Cincinnati for the New York Times Arts and Leisure Section. Tracy Schoster is the reader, Charles Van Sant audio engineer and Mark DeWitt, producer.  Honorable Mention to VoiceCORPS, Columbus, Ohio for live reading of the Columbus Dispatch. Read by Fred Alverson and Lisa Maggard, produced by Chuck Adkins.

Consumer Information: Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence Kansas for Mail Order Catalogs. Talent: Mary Ann Saunders, Nick Carswell, audio engineer.

Magazines: Radio Reading Service of Greater Cincinnati for The Science World read by Mary Kay Delgado, produced by Charles Van Sant. Honorable Mention to Sun Sounds of Arizona – Flagstaff for Teen Beat read and produced by Bethany Williams.

Magazine Digest: MindsEye Radio, Belleville, IL for The African American Hour featuring Kristi Carson as the reader and Mike Curtis and audio engineer. Honorable Mention to Georgia Radio Reading Service, Atlanta, GA for Go Green, read by Jennifer Nittoso, produced by Kevin Brunup.

Narrative Reading: Sun Sounds of Arizona – Tempe for Animal Companions read and produced by Joyce Vesper. Honorable Mention to VoiceCORPS, Columbus, Ohio for A Good Book narrated by Karen Elson and produced by Chuck Adkins. Honorable Mention also to Sight Into Sound, Houston for News of the World, read and produced by Jim Abate, audio engineer, Jim Martinez.

Dramas and Dramatic Reading: Sight Into Sound, Houston, TX for the Christmas special, Mistletoe Mysteries read by Pearl Hewitt and Jim Abate, produced by Jim Martinez.

Thematic Production: Sight Into Sound, Houston, TX for  Rodeo Houston Promo featuring KC Jobe and produced by Jim Martinez. Honorable Mention to Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, KS for He-AR Promo. Talent, Kimberly Morrow and Dan Skinner, producer, Nick Carswell.

Interview and/or Call-In:  WXXI Reachout Radio, Rochester New York for Eyes on Success: Low Vision Optometry created and produced by Peter and Nancy Torpey.  Honorable Mention to Ear to Ear from MindsEye Radio, Belleville, IL. Talent, Jason Frazier, producer, Mike Curtis.

Non-Reading Entertainment: Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence KS for Christmastime in History. Written and read by Carl Graves, produced by Nick Carswell. Honorable Mention to Sight Into Sound, Houston, TX for Houston’s Team, Houston’s Title.

On Location: Valley Eye Radio, Springfield MA for Community Affairs – Dr. Seuss produced by Harold Anderson with Karen Fisk.


Entries are accepted in January to be awarded at the annual conference each summer. All submissions are judged by member services of IAAIS. To find out more about submitting programs or serving as a judging station contact Mark DeWitt, mark.dewitt@cincyblind.org or call 800-280-5325.


For More Information:

Lori Kesinger, IAAIS Administrative Assistant

LRK@ku.edu, 800-280-5325


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